The Ugly Dwarf

"Nowadays one is used to having CSI come marching in when cases appear unsolvable. In no time, the criminal and his motives are solved. Not so for Samuel Hamilton who solves his cases without technical blah blah, but with hard work. This is like a vacation from High Tech and computers. Besides, it is a fascinating story.", December 14, 2011

"The Ugly Dwarf is a classical U.S. Who Done It Thriller, which describes San Francisco of the 60's very well, and it includes alternative scenes about the Beatniks, and includes creative colorful gay and transsexual scenes which led the way to San Francisco being the center of the world wide hippie movement. The book is not only fascinating but also contains a loving description of San Francisco, a city which has not lost its charm."

Hallo-Buch, November, 2011

"...the reader enters an unknown world of racism, sexual deviations and human desperation."

Buchmagazin, October, 2011

"...the detective stories of William C. Gordon are beautifully old fashioned."

Hersfelder Zeitung, October, 2011

"The atmosphere of the sixties is particularly attractive—no technology, just old fashion police work. It is especially appealing as a counter weight to the rash of all the high tech novels presently on the market."

— Von Randolf Leyk, Rhein-Zeitung, September, 2011

"Solving a crime is never superior to the mystery that creates it," said Jorge Luis Borges. But in this mystery novel, the solution is so successful that it is on a par with the mystery that provokes it, or maybe it is even more important.

— Dr. Celia Correas Zapata, Profesora Emerita de Literaturas Latinoamericanas, San Jose State University, July 5, 2010, USA

"The dwarf is only one character in this book. In addition there is a gallery of others that make this novel a good portrait of those at the bottom of the social ladder in the San Francisco Bay area in the 1960's. This is a recurrent theme in Gordon's books."

— Elizabeth Subercaseaux, La Nación, May 3, 2009, Chile