King of the Bottom

"A sophisticated and compelling courtroom drama."

Petra, April 2009, Germany.

"William Gordon's narrative is straight forward. He writes in the tradition of the noir genre in true Californian style."

Stern, April 2009, Germany.

"Gordon's crime novel takes place in San Francisco in the sixties. He weaves a tale of gripping suspense and leaves the reader with a sense of nostalgia for the old days."

Hersfelder Zeitung, April 2009, Germany.

"As in the majority of suspense novels, nothing is as it seems, and this writer demonstrates an ability to entertain the reader for more than 300 pages.
Gordon shows the ability to develop the characters with sufficient detail so that the reader can visualize them vividly in his imagination."

—Teresa Mello, CORREIO BRAZILIENSE, December 2008, Brasilia.

"This author exhibits two very important qualities. First, when he introduces a character, he describes him quickly and with three-dimensional depth so that the reader knows immediately the measure of person. Next, his description of place is cinemagraphic, so that the reader is taken to the place and installed, just as if he were part of the scene."

—Victor Hugo Rascon Banda, May 2008, Mexico City.

"The King of The Bottom is a thoroughly absorbing, well told, old fashioned mystery with a forceful narrative that leaves the reader no choice but to keep reading."

—Khaled Hosseini, Author of The Kite Runner, January 2008

"The King of the Bottom is a passionate novel that reveals the talent of the author... The body of Armand Hagopian, the millionaire owner of a chemical dump is found hanging from its gate. He's been castrated and on his body there are four bottles of Coca Cola, each containing a different toxic substance. Fighting a ruthless D.A., Samuel Hamiton, the stumbling reporter, Melba, owner of the bar Camelot and her mongrel dog Excalibur help solve the crime. This is a story about chemical polution and how it affects illegal immigrants, but most of all, its a story about revenge"

—Elizabeth Subercaseaux, La Nacion, Chile May 2007

"With his first novel he demonstrated that he is a writer of crime novels in the classic vent, and with quality. And now he confirms that premise. And in my opinion he does it well"

Here and Now, Spain Feb 28, 2008