Fractured Lives

San Francisco reporter Samuel Hamilton has grown into his job, pursuing stories aggressively and following the research wherever it takes him—which in this case is the Middle East. The time is the 1960s, and the story that Samuel's ostensibly chasing is the murder of an arms dealer in the basement of city hall. Turns out there's a world-wide web of motives for the murder involving countries from Switzerland to Israel to Palestine, where the PLO is a nascent but growing force. The FBI shows interest and so does the CIA, not to mention Mossad. To complicate matters further, there's an unknown woman in the case, someone Samuel is determined to identify. He may have to borrow money from his favorite bartender to follow the trail in this lively noir period piece, but follow it he does, across oceans and into danger, giving the reader a fascinating look at the ever-fomenting cauldron of the Middle East circa 1963 in the process. I enjoyed every minute of Fractured Lives.

— Betsy Burton, The Inkslinger, 2013, Salt Lake City, USA.