William C Gordon Library

In addition to my contribution to the Canta Ranas and los Nietos libraries I have also been involved in rehabilitating The Whittier High School Library.

I went to high school there and was also the Student Body President by senior year. I worked with the principal Lori Eschilian. One of the best the school has ever had, by the way, and the Superintendent Sandra Thorstenson, we made a plan to get the work done and to provide iPads for the students to use, just like I did for the Los Nietos School District. In the end the district decided to name the library after me. It has been one of the proudest moments of my life. My roots are deep in the community and it is in effect my Nobel Prize.

Photo Credit, William C. Gordon © 2013

They also asked me to make a declaration of dedication, for those who entered the Library. Here is what I said:

To any of you who come here to pursue knowledge or seek help in making your day dreams come true, I wish you the same good luck that this library provided me as a young man.